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Monday, June 18, 2018

Auto Shut Down

We meet again here.. so today, I'am gonna share my experience about why my computer automatic shut down.. Basically, there has more reason why your computer auto shut down.. Base on my experience, it is because of the processor overheat.. Why this happens?? Most user only know how to use computer only but they don't really know how to do maintenance it.. Try to open your casing computer doesn't matter system unit or laptop and check the heat sink.. There probably full of dust and dirt..What we need to do? it's very, very and very simple.. Take the heat-sink out and clean it. Just brush it till all the dust and dirt cleaned..Easy isn't it? The second thing, check the thermal paste on chipset or processor. If it dried, clean the chipset or processor using a clean fabric.. After that, put a new thermal paste on it.. after all the thing is ready, re-assemble all the hardware again and you can use the computer again normally..

The others thing that make computer auto shutdown again because of the motherboard either.. In this case, i recommend replace a new motherboard with the same socket.. Why? in my place, to fix motherboard will be cost around MYR380@95U$D.. With this amount, you can buy a new one motherboard.. Most of it using AMD processor or AMD chipset.. If, u using AMD set, i recommend u put more fan inside the system unit or if laptop, try find a good cooler pad for your laptop..

So, that's all for my sharing today about why my computer auto shut down. Feel free can commend here. Arigatou ^O ^/

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