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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


what is CMOS?? CMOS or complimentary metal oxide semiconductor is a battery for computer.. What will be happens if the battery running low or leaking? Well, if this happens to your computer, your date and time will be reset every time you turn on the computer.. And also directly will make your performance computer running slow and some of the function will be terminate.. For example, you can access internet BUT u cannot surf internet like YouTube, google, Facebook and the others.. Beside that, user also cannot updated the latest updated of the windows. Basically, computer using the battery with code CR2032 and before, I had customer ask me, is this same with the battery that any shop sell it? NAH!it is not same. Unless the model same then it's fine.. I prefer before u change the battery, please go to any computer shop for advice from their technician. Maybe, you should just buy the battery and  replace it by yourself.. Because it is very simple and easy for the replacement..The other thing is, if the battery got problem, some of your internal hardware cannot work properly.. So, don't delay it if your CMOS got a problem.. that's all for today. I am gonna shared again very soon about others problem related of computer.. Chaiyo

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