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Friday, May 4, 2018

Windows Problem

Me: Hello! what can I do for you?
Customer : Hello! Can you help me check my computer? It seems like i cannot log in into Windows. Do u have any idea what's wrong with it?

Basically, customer will ask this question to any technician computer. What is your solution? Will you tell the customer "ohhhhhhhh..better you smash it or throw it away cause this is the old PC". Perhaps customer will throw it to the technician after heard this ^O ^.. Well well, this is a simple solution for me.

The first think that you need to do is, try Turn On the computer first and if the windows really cannot log into desktop means, your Windows is corrupted. So, what you need to do in this case, explain to customer before you proceed the Re-formatting OS because sometimes, customer need their old data on the computer.

How I can backup my customer data IF I cannot log into windows? oh man! just press F8 after restarting computer and you computer will appear to safe mode after choose safe mode path.. How about Windows 10? IF you use windows 10, it is a little complicated to get into safe mode but don't worried, imma share a simple tips to get inside windows 10 safe mode. What u need to do is, press Shift and then click Restart on the start button. easy isn't it? that's how for Windows 10 work.

Another problem is, How do you backup your customer data if cannot log into windows or safe mode? My suggestion is, use Hiren Boot to backup the data or if u dont know how to use hiren boot then, just take out the hard disk and put into any computer that can work perperly than copy their data there(old school style).

How if you found the HDD have faulty part like bad sector? I suggest to all user, don't waste your time to waiting any technician fix this problem. Better tell to the customer to buy a new HDD and try to help him/her backup as many as can their data.

Anyway, Windows Problem happens because user don't shutting down the computer properly, user always force the computer shut down, unfinnished updating windows, also because of infected by viruses. So, i suggest, whatever you doing on your computer, follow step by step so that your system dont have a any problem.

Any comment, can leave here. I am ready to answer all of your question to me :)

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