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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Site Supervisor Table

This is a picture of the Supervisor's work station. You will see my Laptop and PC. This is where I do all my work such as inputing all student data, all daily reports, and making the course studies for my students. This is my home away from home.

Monday, December 1, 2008

PC (Personal Computer)

This is where my trainees do thier learning. Each PC has its own software installed, so each trainees can get the best learning experience. All software is properly licensed and registered. As you can see the class room is set up for minimal distractions as to optimize each trainees learning experience.


This is the onsite printer. It is linked to all PC's in the class room. It makes it easier for trainees to print out thier course work, which enables trainees to bring home thier studies to better acclimate themselves to the course study.


This is my personal laptop or notbook. I have set it up as a private server, so I can check in with my department remotely. I am able to see what my trainees are doing and who is using what programs. I am also able to help my trainees remotely by opening any programs they may need at that time. Keep in mind not all laptops are capable of this.


Broadband connections are not a problem for me. We can configure our Broadband connection like an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to where all our users can access the internet. It also makes it easier for our trainers to teach about Internet modules. We configure our PPIK so that all PCs in the PPIK can be in a network that can communicate together and surf the Internet.
This helps us to teach students, especially on Internet modules. We understand our Internet access and how to install ISP. I hope that other PPIK can use their own broadband provider, but if their broadband is not supplied, please ask the SC about this.


This picture was taken while I was teaching Microsoft Word and Microsoft Power Point. You can see where my trainees were struggling but in the end they were all fluent with the programs.

Many of them already knew a little bit about computers, especially the teenagers, but they still needed additional assistants. So it is our job to give them the ICT knowledge that they required.

Here you see trainees helping and cooperating with each other to complete assignments